VOCE Singapore Men's Choir was founded in 2016 by local conductor/composer Mr Darius Lim. The choir currently consists of 15 singers, brought together from all walks of life with the common yearning to make excellent choral music of the highest standards.

We sing to Inspire, to Interest and to Innovate, always aiming to explore new frontiers of music performance in ensemble singing.


As the Founder of the VOCE Singapore Men's Choir, Darius serves as the Choir's Musical Director. One of the few leading new-generation Asian Conductor-Composers of his time, his works have been featured both in the region and beyond.


A Musical Journey

As the VOCE Singapore Men's Choir approaches its first anniversary, the committee would like to thank our friends, family and fans who have been our pillars of support as the Choir strives to push the limits of choral excellence both in Singapore and abroad. The 2017 Season is packed with exciting performances and opportunities. From our debut overseas performance in Kuala Lumpur to our anniversary concert, the Choir looks forward to bringing our unique brand and sound to our audiences.



Chairman (Artistic)

Kheng Hian handles all external communications and marketing for the Choir.

An undergraduate at the Wee Kim Wee School of Communications and Information, he enjoys the challenge of developing the VOCE brand. This year marks an important year for the Choir and Kheng Hian is proud to oversee the astounding growth of one of Singapore’s most exciting upcoming choral acts.

Kheng Hian began his choral journey at the age of 13, singing with various choirs both in school and in the semi-professional scene. A seasoned chorister, some of his notable achievements include singing with the Anderson Junior College Choir and the Nanyang Technological University Choir.


Chairman (Administration)

Kok Ho is currently studying Materials Engineering in Nanyang Technological University. Besides VOCE Singapore Men’s Choir, he is also singing with Nanyang Technological University Choir at present.


He was introduced to choral singing in his primary school and was stuck ever since. He has taken up various leadership responsibilities throughout his student life, including Chairperson as well as Student Conductor. He also took up vocal and choral studies as part his curriculum in university.


As a chorister, he has been on numerous performances and competitions both locally and overseas with several conductors. He has also sung with various orchestras as part of their guest vocal ensemble. He hopes to further hone his skills as a vocalist and choir conductor.


Events Coordinator

Ivan recently graduated from Nanyang Technological University, holding a degree in History, and is currently working as an untrained teacher while waiting to enter NIE.

He was introduced to choral singing in JC. And have been singing alongside NTU choir during his undergraduate years. He has taken up various leadership responsibilities throughout his student life, including Secretary, and section leader. He also took up vocal and choral studies as part of his curriculum in NTU, aiming to improve his voice production as well as vocal techniques. 

As VOCE's Event Coordinator, Ivan overlooks the overall administration of VOCE, serving as right hand to both chairpersons. Ivan sincerely hopes that 2017 will be a good year for VOCE with a memorable concert for our 1st anniversary!


Finance Advisor

James serves as the advisor to the treasurer in VOCE. He hopes to contribute to the arts scene in Singapore by nurturing both its audience and performers, and through his various involvements and engagements.

James is currently teaching in Zhenghua Primary School. Besides VOCE Singapore Men’s Choir, he is a member of an accapella group and he sings with the West Zone teachers' choir.

Music has always been a huge part of his life - from the primary school choir and instrumental ensemble, to the secondary school Chinese orchestra and marching band, the dance groups and harmonica troupe during his days in Ngee Ann Polytechnic, to the Vocal Ensemble and Recorder Ensemble which he spearheaded when he studied at the National Institute of Education. 



Teng Seng is currently the Treasurer for the choir and working together with James Loo in the financial matters. He is also helping out on other choir projects together with other VOCE members. 

Teng Seng started the journey as a chorister in year 2007 with the Nanyang Technological University Choir. Besides singing with the VOCE Singapore Men’s Choir, he is also singing with the Nanyang Technological University Alumni Choir after graduated from Nanyang Technological University.Through these years, he has participated numerous performances and competitions both locally and overseas, and also received numerous awards together with the choir.


Chorus Master

Kenneth works to develop VOCE's unique sound and style. Together with Darius, the pair ensures the Choir constantly strives to achieve choral perfection.

Kenneth has been a Choir Conductor & Pipe Organist at the Church of Sts. Peter & Paul since 1999. He has served in various roles within the EXCO of the Archdiocesan Liturgical Music Committee from 2006 - 2017. In addition to attending clinics and Masterclasses by visiting choral conductors (Dr. Brady Allred, Jonathan Velasco, Mark Anthony Carpio); Kenneth is being tutored by Mr. Reuben Lai (Voice) and Dr. Evelyn Lim (Pipe Organ).

Kenneth has sung with the Sts. Peter & Paul Choir and the Creátus Chamber Choir in addition to VOCE.



Marketing Director

Luke works with Kheng Hian on VOCE's marketing communications and brand development. He also manages the Choir's social media wing.



Malcolm serves as the Choir's quartermaster, providing logistical support in VOCE's numerous endeavors.



Nizam manages VOCE's extensive choral repertoire. Ensuring ensuring that all the members have the
necessary scores.


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